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We Say The Darnedest Things...

For those of you who don't know, I also study screenwriting and movie making at TBA in Tokyo. At the time of writing this, I'm a third-year student, and although not all movie projects we start get completed, we have a lot of fun talking about them.

Often we do this in class or on the 3rd floor, where the main student reception and faculty lounges are. We have nice chairs and desks there, plus a large TV. All of this is lovely and nearly makes up for our movie theater on the 8th floor being completely gutted and turned into something more like a conference room (We had red plush seats and a cinema screen and a stage with curtains and everything. Sniff).

However, sometimes a couple of people on the shooting team (usually the director/screenwriter and producer) stop off at McDonald's or Saizeriya for dinner and chat about our latest project there, mostly discussing scripts. These conversations both in class and out of it lead to some comments which could sound a little, erm, peculiar if taken out of context. Bonus points if we're talking on the phone:

"Sure, it's a shitty thing that he did. I'm just not sure it justifies you tying him to a chair." -Talking about the character of a cheating husband. To be fair, the wife was supposed to be a psychopath.

"Are zombies allowed in convenience stores in Japan?" (We were. The guys at that store are pretty well used to us by now. I like to think we make their day a little more interesting, or at least surreal).

"Okay, so right now she's naked and in the bath and has no idea she's being watched. Can we give Shogo a smartphone or something to take dirty photos?" (If I can get a crew together, I still really want to do this horror movie).

"You guys! That's a $1000 microphone and you're using it to play Spin-the-Fricking-Bottle!" -My teacher during Year 1. We were sitting in a circle and taking it in turns to share memories. Nobody wanted to go, so I suggested putting one of the school microphones in the middle and spinning it to choose someone. If I'd known it cost that much, I might not have been quite so hasty.

"Do you know anyone who can give that guy a bullet wound?" -Talking about makeup artists.

"You just glued my eyes shut!" -Yes, this really happened to me when I was acting as a practice model for the Special FX makeup group.

And my own personal favorite...

"I've got an idea that could work. We just need a black sheet (of fabric), a large cube of that foam stuff you stick flowers in, wires, an alarm clock, some fake blood and a small army of zombies!" Sadly, we never got to do this one.


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