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The audiobook for Project Tau is now in production! Not only is it in production, but it's halfway finished. I'll be updating my site with a link once it's done and running a FREE giveaway of the Kindle book to celebrate, so watch this space! I write about it in more detail in my newsletter, so if you're curious and want some more behind-the-scenes looks, don't forget to subscribe!

Also, both Project Tau and Homecoming were awarded Book Excellence Award (Finalist) for Books in a Series! This means that not only are the books award-winning, but the series as a whole is as well! Suffice to say I'm super-happy right now!

What People Are Saying...

"Words cannot describe how much I’ve enjoyed this series and I truly hope that there is a 3rd book coming."

Amazon.com Review (5-stars) (Homecoming)

"This Sci-Fi story is full of colorful landscapes, odd creatures, spaceship travel and characters both good-hearted and vile. It takes the reader on a journey fraught with twists and turns where there is never a dull moment, fast paced and entertaining."

Amazon.com Review (5-stars) (Homecoming)

"The first word that comes to mind in regards to the book is wow. Ms. Austin has quite the imagination and has built a world that's unique and vivid. There are new planets and new creatures aplenty, enough to satisfy all tastes. The descriptions allow the reader to feel like he or she is part of the story."

Online Book Club Official Review. (Homecoming)

"Jude Austin hit a home run with Homecoming (Projects: Book 2). The action, intrigue, and introduction of new characters have earned this book four out of four stars!"

Online Book Club Review. (Homecoming)

"A coming of age story with heavy doses of scientific intrigue and bleeding edge advancement that wraps Kalin, and the reader, deeply in a harrowing quest for knowledge and redemption."

Judge, 5th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published eBook Awards. (Project Tau)

"It's with the utmost regard that I give Project Tau 4 out of 4 stars. It deserves a full rating due to the easy to read writing style that draws you in as well as the verisimilitude."

Online Book Club Official Review. (Project Tau)

"This book addresses issues such as cloning, human rights, abuse and freedom. It's, at times, an emotional read because it's something that the reader could really picture happening; however, we all hope it never does. It's engaging with non-stop action, though the book focuses more on its characters.."

Amazon.com review (5 stars) (Project Tau)

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