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Welcome to my website!

Hi, and welcome to my website! Here you can find out about my latest books, my upcoming projects and even get in touch if you feel so inclined.

Thank you for stopping by; I hope you enjoy your visit, and don't forget to subscribe to my newsletter, "Stuff!" to keep up with my writing projects!



December 27, 2022


Let's Blast has finally got an update! This time, we're diving into the story/design/writing of Sierra's King's Quest III: To Heir is Human!


In other news, I finally updated the book covers to reflect the new series name: it's changed from "Projects" to "Five Worlds."

December 26, 2022

We're out of the pre-order stage!

Actually, we've been out of it since December 9, but Christmas has been loopy this year and I've only now found time to update the website. 

Anyway, the third book in the Five Worlds series (previously the Projects series) is now available at Amazon right now! Grab your copy now!

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