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A list of my published titles, with links to buy.

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Project Tau (Five Worlds)


Kalin Taylor is on the path to success. He's just won a scholarship to the prestigious Sanderson College of Arts and Science to study medicine. He's also about to do something very, very stupid in the name of becoming one of the 'in' kids at college. 

It sounded simple at the time. Sneak into a branch of the top-secret, interstellar scientific company GenTech, take a photo of the genetically engineered creature Project Tau that's supposedly inside, and sneak back out again. Cue membership of the college frat house, cue popularity and an improved lifestyle, right?

Unfortunately for Kalin, simple doesn't mean easy. Now he's facing a life of slavery, assuming GenTech's 'training' doesn't kill him first, and if he doesn't find a way to escape soon, it'll be too late.

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Homecoming (Five Worlds)


After escaping the laboratory where he was imprisoned by the scientific mega-corporation GenTech, former college student Kalin Taylor, aka Kata, wants just one thing: to go back to his homeworld of Trandellia with his friend Tau and forget all about what happened. Forget about being imprisoned and mutated, forget about GenTech's attempts to break and sell him as a piece of livestock, and above all, forget the tortures he suffered at the hands of some of the scientists.

Too bad life has other ideas. Everyone who meets him, including his own rulers, see him as nothing but a weapon to be turned on their enemies. The price of his return to Trandellia is simple: go to the entirely lawless world of Atthiras, and find the child of a foreign ambassador who went missing there five years ago.

Betrayed at every turn, surrounded by people whose only thought is to turn him to their own cause, Kata will soon have to make a choice about who to trust. If he picks the wrong person, he and Tau will be dead or re-enslaved, and this time, there'll be no escape.

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Nowhere to Hide (Five Worlds)


Kata has finally escaped the torture and illegal experiments of GenTech and the manipulations of his homeworld, Trandellia. Severely traumatized, he only wants one thing: a safe haven where he doesn't have to be used as a pawn in other people's games. With the help of Alan Morgan, the only adult figure whom Kata has ever learned to trust, he's begun to rebuild his life on the planet Akkhen.

Meanwhile, on Trandellia, the hol Diran Nasceri has just received a crazy assignment from Adrianne Demont, the Trandellian planetary ruler: join forces with the holin under Adrianne's command for a raid on Alan's base of command, the field hospital on Atthiras. Mobilizing all of the holin – Trandellia's shadow troops and assassins – for the sake of one target is unheard-of. Mobilizing them against Akkhenian soldiers in an assault is unthinkable. If Diran obeys, he risks everything he's been working for behind the scenes and the safety of those he cares about. If he betrays Adrianne, he'll be charged with high treason and face death by torture, but may be able to prevent the first war in centuries.



Kata, desperate to escape both Adrianne and his biological parents, who have come looking for him, reluctantly agrees to an offer from General Barrett: Kata and Alan can hide on the remote space station of Suliko on the pretext of investigating the alleged disappearance of four Akkhenian girls, which will buy High Command the time it needs to negotiate for Kata's protection. When the fake mission takes a very real turn for the worse, both he and Alan end up sucked into something darker than anyone could have expected.

Billions of kilometers apart, caught up in very different battles, Kata and Diran will unearth the same secret: one that threatens to shatter the safety of all the five worlds and plunge humanity back into chaos.

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