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When is your next book coming out?

I've completed my next book, but it needs a lot of editing and tweaking before it's ready to go out. So right now, I don't know. If you want to find out ahead of time, you can subscribe to my newsletter!


I subscribed to Stuff! but I never received it! What gives?

Most likely it got filtered into your Spam folder. If it's not there, it's very possible you made a mistake when entering your email address. Try resubscribing. If that doesn't work, drop me a line and I'll add you manually.

Are you working on anything besides the Five Worlds series?

I'm working on spinoffs in that universe with completely different characters. I'm also working on a fantasy series (Book 1 is complete but needs tweaking!) and an MG sci-fi series.

Can I get any sneak previews of your next book?

Yes! I occasionally give out sneak previews in my monthly newsletter, but not on my official website. Newsletter subscribers also get cut scenes, extra background information and advance viewings of behind-the-scenes stuff and reviews, so it's worth subscribing!

Are we going to hear about Amy Saunders again?

Definitely! A series of Amy's pre-GenTech spy missions is one of the spinoffs that's on my To-Do list, but it's not too high up. 


Do you do the supplementary artwork (maps etc) yourself? How about the book covers?

Yes and no. I used to do a lot of computer art, but I don't have much time for it these days. The book covers are all done by professionals; I wouldn't know where to start! The supplementary art is all done by me, but in the case of the maps, I use Inkarnate for the actual art. So I design them and Inkarnate makes them look a thousand times cooler. Things like the fesks, the strirla and any plants and other animals in my newsletter are all 100% my work. You can probably tell by looking.

What do you do when you're not writing?

Sleep and eat, basically. I sometimes go on the Wii-Fit and I'm an avid gamer. I also binge-watch Netflix and Discovery, but since I do that while I'm writing, that doesn't really count. I used to do a lot of scuba diving when I lived in the Canaries, but that changed when I moved to Japan.


I want a cute cat photo!

Sure! Here you go!

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