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(Projects Book 3)

After the horrific events of GenTech and its aftermath, Tau is settled on Atthiras and Kata is beginning to put his life back together and come to terms with everything that happened to him. Unfortunately, even though GenTech has surrendered its claim on him, Core Central - the ruling government of his homeworld, Trandellia - has other ideas. Along with Alan, Kata is forced to flee his sanctuary on the planet Akkhen for Suliko, a space station on the edge of explored space. Suliko turns out to be even more dangerous than Trandellia, and when Kata and Alan start poking around where they're not supposed to, things go south for them very quickly.

In the meantime, back on Atthiras, the holin - Core Central's strike forces - are closing in on the field hospital and Captain Agnetha Nyberg, threatening war for the first time in centuries. With her fellow officer unable to cope with the pressure and no way of knowing who to rely on in this crisis, Nyberg is going to have to act fast if she wants to stand any chance of bringing her people out of this alive.