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(Projects Book 3)

After the horrific events of GenTech and its aftermath, Tau is settled on Atthiras and Kata is beginning to put his life back together and come to terms with everything that happened to him. Unfortunately, even though GenTech has surrendered its claim on him, Core Central - the ruling government of his homeworld, Trandellia - has other ideas. Along with Alan, Kata is forced to flee his sanctuary on the planet Akkhen for Suliko, a space station on the edge of explored space; ostensibly to investigate the disappearance of four Akkhenian girls, in reality a way to hide from Core Central until Akkhen's High Command can persuade it to back off. 

It's a good plan, with one small flaw: Suliko turns out to be even more dangerous than Trandellia, and when Kata and Alan start poking around where they're not supposed to, things go south for them very quickly...

RELEASE DATE: Hopefully 2021


(Nemesis Trilogy: Book 1)

Cy is intelligent, sixteen, and extremely bored. When word gets out about a massive field trip for one class from each qualifying school - a field trip that will start on Mercury and finish on Sedna - it sounds like the perfect way to spark a little interest in his life. After a little cloak-and-dagger work to make sure that their test results are the highest, he and the rest of his classmates get to board the shuttle and fly off to Mercury to rendezvous with the other schools from all over the solar system.

When tragedy hits the shuttle in the form of an asteroid, most of the students are rescued by a prototypical military ship. Four days later, the personnel vanishes without a trace, leaving Cy not only in charge of the eight hundred or so students, but acting captain of the vast city-sized ship, the Nemesis, until he can somehow track down the original crew...or, at the very least, persuade the increasingly suspicious military that the disappearance of that crew really wasn't his fault.

The Nemesis trilogy is set in the same universe as the Projects series and will be released between Books 3 and 4 of that series.

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