(Sauria Book 1)

When humanity fled the overburdened solar system, they found Sauria; a world similar to Earth, right down to the presence of dinosaur-like creatures. With barely enough fuel to make the landing, they decide to make this world their new home.

Their arrival causes tremendous upheaval for all Saurians, but none more so than the young raptor Geli. Separated from his pack, his world and every aspect of Saurian culture is now quivering on the edge of a momentous change, and Geli is likely to end up being the agent of that change...assuming he can survive long enough.



(Elbian Chronicles)


Fifteen years ago, Kane died in the Devil Wars. Now, thanks to some definitely illegal magic from an Archmage, he's back from the dead and, somehow, he's avoided the zombification that usually occurs in such cases. Armed only with a rusty sword and some hastily borrowed pants, Kane sets out determined to return to his native Sharda and find out if the rumors of its destruction are true, he sets off on a journey through dangerous wilderness. With him is a Mage called Sarah, who used to be a chambermaid, a bird-man - or Eyrien - called Callum, who used to be a prisoner, and a boy with no name, who used to be a horse. Oh yes; and the ghost of a dead Shardan general, who might actually be a useful ally if only there was someone besides Kane who could hear and see him.

It's going to be a very, very long trip home...


(Nemesis Book 1)

Sixteen year old Cy has one goal: to live long enough to reach seventeen. For an inmate in a Mercurian reform school, however, that's not as easy as it sounds. When he finally manages to escape and sneak on board a shuttle designed to take students from one end of the solar system to the other, it seems like his problems are over.

Unfortunately, an asteroid puts something of a dent in his plans, and the military personnel who come to the students' rescue vanish without a trace, leaving Cy not only in charge of the eight hundred or so students, but acting captain of the vast city-ship, Nemesis, until he can somehow track down the original crew.